Breakingthedatingcode com dating an excon

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"Instead of blindly adhering to a prefab and possibly outdated standard, it's smart to consider how couples really function in today's world and act accordingly," says Los Angeles psychotherapist Lynn Ianni, Ph D. Cosmo has compiled the five dating doctrines that you need to ditch this instant!

The trick is figuring out which love laws help bolster your connection..which ones should be banned. Rule #1: You can't check out anyone else Why you should break it: You're in a relationship; you're not dead.

"It's important to respect your significant other, so you don't want to be too obvious or make a habit of looking," says Marcella Bakur Weiner, Ph D, coauthor of .

Obviously, there's a difference between staring slack-jawed and simply appreciating a nice view.

"My boyfriend and I like to play this game we call Hot or Not, where we people-watch and rate all the passersby," she says.

"It's a fun way for both of us to ogle hotties without pissing the other person off.

If hearing about office gossip is about as torturous to him as getting a root canal, spare him the dirty details.

A few of these couple commandments are actually valid (as in: Your best friend's boyfriend is off-limits); others are totally bogus and your relationship will be better off if you break them."The Cliffs' Notes version of your day is actually more effective.Then move on to more mutually interesting topics, like current events or a movie you want to see," says Rhoades.Rule #3: Sex always has to be spontaneous Why you should break it: The constant carnal craving that most twosomes experience early in a relationship sparks lots of anytime, anywhere sex. Eventually, daily pressures can put a damper on your desire."Many people erroneously believe that to be happy as a couple, you need to be having frequent, spontaneous sex," says Ianni.

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