Danneel harris dating jensen ackles

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Trucker takes everyone back to his home and admits that he was never a surf child who went to Woodstock, but that actually he was a very macho guy who served three tours in Vietnam, where he killed more people than he could count and learned deadly fighting skills.

He then returned to the United States and was lost and traumatized, until he met surfers and decided to live a peaceful lifestyle.

When he's talking with Tish, he asks her to start dating nice guys, but Tish, quickly glancing at Priestly, says that good guys don't ask girls like her out.

Jen, leafing through Trucker's yearbook, excitedly calls everyone's attention to a photo of Zo.

The next day, Priestly comes to the shop and is almost unrecognizable, dressed in Banana Republic khakis and an Oxford shirt, piercings removed, his hair parted down the middle with bright colors washed out, tattoos mostly hidden, and no punk makeup, and finally asks Tish out.She asserts that the very conventionally attractive Tish and Piper don't know what it feels like to always be ignored and pushed aside because she's not pretty.She cares a great deal about Fuzzy22, and feels that a man as attractive as he is would, upon seeing her, become disappointed and uninterested and she could not bear that from him.Ten Inch Hero is an independent romantic comedy film completed in 2007.The film was directed by David Mackay and written by Betsy Morris.

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