Dating an objectivist

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Online dating, Rosenfeld has found, is a proven improvement in efficiency.

His new research found that people who meet online progress faster to marriage.

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Hard to market At the same time, while sites like Black People, Single Parent and Our, a seniors site, have been incredibly successful, Yagan is skeptical that sites catering to smaller niches, like Ayn Rand fans or the gluten-free, will really take off. It now has about 25,000 users — a little over 6,000 of them are active on a weekly basis.

“If you can narrow the dating pool, you can have a higher success rate,” she said.

There’s no evidence that niche sites match more couples than, say, — in fact Yagan said the success rates on Match and Our Time are comparable.

“One of the critiques of the Internet as a social medium is it creates some Balkanization,” he said.

“Most of the people on Gluten Free Singles could date someone who eats gluten, but maybe for them it’s just easier to date someone who makes everything out of rice flour.” And that narrowing of choice is probably a good thing.

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