Dating without commitment

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Don't assume you know what he's talking about or doing if you haven't asked him ever.Assuming things is a quick way to make yourself look like an idiot.Don't mention how much you can't wait to have a wedding. Have your own life outside of him and show him that you do. Source: Shutter Stock This is another obvious one, but still needs to be said, because I still see way too many people do it. Source: Shutter Stock You might think you're being sly, but he most likely notices you trying to subtly glance over his shoulder as he answers a text message. Source: Shutter Stock This one is obvious, but still needs to be said. Source: Shutter Stock This is similar to claiming in that it's just too much. Refrain from talking about marriage, babies or serious commitment right away. If you like and comment every single thing he puts on Facebook or Instagram, he's going to think you're living for what he posts. A friend does this to me and she's a girl and it still makes me want to scream. Source: Shutter Stock Do you do any of these things? Of course there are legit things you can get angry about, like if he completely blows you off for someone else.But if you get angry about stupid little things, he might get freaked out.

We propose to enrich your life by more shining moments with hot adult and teen bodies.Commenting on all of his stuff, posting tons of pictures he doesn't even realize you took or adding all of his friends are things that will freak him out.Source: Shutter Stock Guys are not stupid, yet some girls seem to think they are totally oblivious. If he's smart, he'll notice when you're being sneaky.As much as we wish dating weren’t like a game and we could do whatever we want, that’s just not true.So, if you want to make a new relationship work, please don’t do this stuff. Here are 12 ways you’re scaring him off without even realizing it: If you've just started hanging out with someone and you're already picking fights over little things, that's a definite way to scare someone off.

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