Fired event itemupdating

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Hi I have 2 update buttons in my Form View ('Apply' and 'OK').

I want both buttons to update the data source but the 'OK' button should redirect afterwards.

We can register the scritp in the certain update button's update server event handler.

Since the client-side code will be executed after the page is rendering to client, all the server-side code will be executed as normal. And for client-side redirection, you can use window.= "new url" to do the work. Sincerely, Steven Cheng Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. I'm not sure this will work for me as I may wish to use Server. I have discovered a more alarming problem with the Server-side redirect however: The exception thrown in the Object Data Source Inserted event does not stop the redirect in the Form View Item Inserted event. protected void ods Account_Inserted(object sender, Object Data Source Status Event Args e) // this still runs protected void fv Account_Item Inserted(object sender, Form View Inserted Event Args e) I find this very odd.

I can put a variable in the code-behind class which is gets the Command Argument in the Item Command event and then read it in the Item Updated event but this doesn't seem to follow the event model concept very well.This page describes how a visualization creator can fire events.To learn how clients can register to receive events, see the Handling Events page.You can register a Javascript method to be called whenever certain events are fired, possibly with data specific to that event.Every visualization defines its own events, and the documentation for that visualization should describe when each event is fired, what it means, and what information it sends to your event handler (for example, see the orgchart visualization).

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