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I told him that he has to deal with his past in order to move on and that he should just choose one and see what happens and where it goes.

I think he has taken my advise as he told me yesterday that from here on in he is going to just remain friends with the ones he chooses to be friends with and without the benefits and am happy for him that he has thought about what I have said to him - I think he realizes that I am way different then the others and he needs the advise I have to give him to get himself on the right track and if in time I feel that he is over his ex and not on the rebound then perhaps things could change between us and if not then I have found myself another great friend.

It’s best to first research what are those effects of online dating to the society.

Then explain how it changes every person’s mindset about physical dating.

And if I was really "into" the prevoius relationship....month would not be enough time for me to be "over" the feelings, so I'd be waiting a very long time before I even considered another relationship. For instance, my wife was slowly leaving me for a good 4 months before I finally said to hell with it. Take it slow when starting a new relationship regardless of how long its been. I dont go for the opposites attract theory, I would like to be with someone who shares similar interests and is honest and open minded.

So by the time a month of physical separation had passed, there was almost 5 months of a slow, painful emotional separation that had transpired. There are three perspectives, things we know about ourselves we share with others, things we know about ourselves that we may keep private and things others see in us that we may not see ourselves.

I think people know when they're ready for a new relationship, and when that time comes they will be fully prepared to move in a new direction, forgetting the least leaving it behind.

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Abstain from sex with anyone but have a relationship, split up then have great rebound get back together sex....only joking....still thinking a rebound relationship isnt fair to another person as most people ( myself excluded ) have feelings.....

i have known people that have been pining for the lost love for years and yet still consider the next relationship a rebound and the next person gets over the last relationship before the bed is even cold ...

it really depends on the individual and how they want the new relationship to progress.

If I fall for that person, knowing what I know, then it is something I have to deal with.

At worst, we hate each other, at best, he becomes someone very important to me, apart from being "just a friend"You never know if you don't try..... Everyone comes into your life for a lifetime, season or reason... and if you try at least you won't 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' yourself I think rebound relationships r ok but u have to be careful I find it can backfire.

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